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K2 and You Solutions is a consulting company based out of Oakville, ON focusing on developing and implementing quality iMIS web solutions. Jake has been working with iMIS for nearly 20 years and has been a key component of numerous successful implementations. A former college cheerleader and coach, Jake spends most of his down time with his dogs, children and their numerous activities. Recipient of the 2009 John Howarth Memorial Award, Jake has been an active member of the NiUG community for many years and has been a presenter at numerous NiUG conferences including Canada and Australia.

In 2016 K2 and You Solutions was named as the Authorized iMIS Consultant of the Year (Canada) and included in the ASI Chairman's Circle. Most recently, K2 and You's SMS for iMIS module was one of four award winners of the RiSE App Challenge at the 2018 ASI Innovations conference.
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SMS Module for iMIS

Real 2-way integration with iMIS using standardized SMS communication protocols (texting)

From iMIS

  • Send a message to an IQA group or an individual (from their profile)
  • Schedule a message to be sent at a specific date/time
  • Connect a shortcut code to an IQA query

To iMIS:

  • Transaction history is logged to the iMIS Communication log
  • Responses to text messages are logged

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